300 Fluo Strips Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Sterile 1mg USP

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Fluoro Touch Fluorescein Ophthalmic Strip Diagnostic 300 strips Box Exp 2023 (FREE REGULAR SHIPPING US ONLY)

BrandFluo Strips
Salt NameSodium Ophthalmic Sterile
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Fluorescein Sodium ophthalmic strips 1mg USP (100 ETO Sterile Strips in a Box)

Individually wrapped sterile ophthalmic strips for detecting corneal abrasions and diagnosing Dry Eye Syndrome. Strips work by staining the cornea florescent upon instillation.

Each strip is impregnated with 1 mg. Fluorescein Sodium ophthalmic strips, USP  from India.

Fluorescein Sodium 1 mg ophthalmic disclosing agent staining strips are sterile.

Individually-wrapped strips used to show defects or abrasions in the corneal epithelium and applanation tonometry.


  • The diagnostic each strip containing lint-free paper applicators impregnated with 1.0 mg of fluorescein Sodium
  • Used to visualize defects or aberrations in the corneal epithelium, herpetic lesion or foreign body by staining the areas of cellular loss
  • Each Box of 100 individually packed sterile strips


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