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Duovir Tablet is used in the treatment of HIV infection.

Brand Duovir
Salt NameLamivudine (150mg) + Zidovudine (300mg)
Manufacturer Cipla Limited
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Duovir is a combined anti-retroviral drug used to treat HIV infection in children from 12 years old (more than 14 kg) and adults who have progressive immunodeficiency. Its action is based on the high inhibition of HIV-1 and HIV-2 due to lamivudine and zidovudine, the two main active ingredients. These Duovir components can reduce the number of HIV cells in the body and increase the number of CD4 + cells. Due to this, the use of Duovir, as well as therapy, which includes treatment with lamivudine and zidovudine along with other drugs, significantly reduces the risk of developing the disease and the patient’s death. As for the inhibition of replication of HIV cells in the body, lamivudine and zidovudine play a common complementary role when the first acts as a synergist for the second. Both active ingredients of the drug are almost completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, consistently metabolized using intracellular kinases to triphosphate (TF). The main antiviral activity of Duovir is due to the inclusion of its monophosphate components in the DNA chain affected by the virus, as a result of which its rupture occurs.

Duovir therapy should be carried out only under the supervision of an experienced physician with experience in the treatment of HIV infections, as serious side effects may develop.

Duovir is available in coated tablets.