Generic Bromocriptine (Parlodel)

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Generic Parlodel Tablet treats high prolactin level by lowering the amount of prolactin in the body which assist in fertility and period problems.

BrandBrom /Sicriptin/ Criptal
Salt NameBromocriptine
ManufacturerSerum Institute Of India Ltd/ Inga Laboratories Pvt Ltd/ Helios Pharmaceuticals
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Sicriptin Tablet is a dopamine receptor agonist. It decreases the release of prolactin (milk hormone) in the body. Overproduction of this hormone is associated with abnormal production of breast milk as well as suppression of the sexual glands which can cause infertility. Reducing prolactin levels with Sicriptin Tablet can therefore improve these conditions. In acromegaly, it works by lowering the amount of growth hormone in the body.