Nexobio Trantemp 65 Gms

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Nexobio Trantemp Temporary Crown And Bridge Material 65 Gms

Salt NameTemporary Crown And Bridge Material
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Trantemp is self curing esthetic material temporization materials for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. Trantemp is a incorporating propietary nano technology, auto mixed, cartridge, dispensed provisional material will greatly reduce in office procedure time. Trantemp’s 10:1 base to catalyst ratio provides excellent strenght and greater flexibility without brittleness. Its Available in the Automix system with 4 natural like Shade (A1, A2, A3 and B2)


  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Veneers, Inlays and Onlays
  • Also indicated for long term temporization
  • Fast curing and high curing depth


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